“Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)

I have this quote beneath my profile picture on Facebook. I have put it there in the hopes that when people read it, it might plant a seed somewhere in their hearts and souls. This quotes points out a very harsh truth. It is a truth I have tried to bend, twist, break, and downright ignore at different points in my life. And just so you will stop guessing, the bitter truth this quote points out is that there is Truth. There is Truth in this world; a divine Truth that Jesus spent his life teaching, and a truth that Jesus was tortured to give to us. And I am completely, shamefully, humbled by how often I pass by the magnitude of this one simple fact that we all strive so hard to complicate. There is Truth. Jesus is that truth. Our Christ is the way, the Truth, and the life.

This world is literally hell bent on trying to convince us, and itself, that there is no such thing as truth. I once bought into that; I had a ticket on that train and enjoyed all the wines it provided in first class. I have told people that truth is completely subjective. That my truth is not the same truth as anyone else’s because it is my own. I had convinced myself, and therefore tried to convince others that truth is based on your own perception and life experiences. I cringe at how deeply I bought into that lie. I shudder to think of the hearts and souls I might have convinced of my own bull pucky.

I was wrong. I was very, very wrong. I don’t care what the world says. I don’t care what I used to say. I am coming to a point in my life where I can no longer excuse the lies and hope for the best. And I am ready to stand with my Lord and Savior. I am finally comfortable with the way people rail at me. I no longer feel the urge to rail back. I am ready, and willing, to stand with only the most powerful written words in all of history – The Holy Bible – at my back. I don’t need this worlds sciences and man’s discoveries to tell me that what is written in the Bible is True. Jesus told me that. Jesus told me He is the truth.

There is only one True God and He is the Great I Am. He is the God of Abraham and Isaac. He created the world in seven days. God did not create the world millions and billions of years ago. God created man first, in His image. Woman was created to be man’s companion. We are all decedents of Adam and Eve. The Almighty wiped out all the world, save for Noah’s family, in a flood that covered the entire planet. Our God produced the plagues of Egypt. My God parted the Red Sea and gave manna from the heavens. I do believe Mary was a virgin when she gave birth to my Savior. I do believe Jesus is the Son of God. I do believe in every miracle Jesus performed. And I know, without a doubt, that I was in Christ’s heart when He was up there on that cross. He died for my sins. He allowed himself to be tortured, beaten, and crucified for me. And for you. He knew we would be alive one day and He did this for us. For all of us. For me. And I believe the only way, the only way, to get into Heaven to be with God for all eternity is through Jesus Christ.

I believe these things because Jesus is the Truth. I do not believe Jesus lies. He taught the multitudes the Old Testament. If Jesus is the Truth I do not believe He would teach out of a book that was false. Christ Jesus is the Son of God and God does not make mistakes. I know this. In my heart and soul I know this is Truth. I know Jesus is Truth.

The knowing is a struggle at times, but the consequences for me are much harder. In knowing that my Lord and Savior is Truth; and that all He says is true, terrifies me. I know too many people who think their good works will earn them God’s favor. I know too many people who say, “I’m a good person. If there is a heaven God will let me in because I’ve lived a good life.” I was once one of those people. I was once convinced that as long as a person lived a good life, did good things, and was generally a good person that they would find their way into heaven. I want to believe that so I will see them in heaven.

The Truth is you have to have a ‘ticket’ to get into Heaven. To be with the Father. And we can’t buy those tickets. No amount of money, no amount of good works, no amount of shallow obedience and false worship will buy you that ticket. The Truth is Christ’s blood bought those tickets. You can only get a ticket into Heaven through the blood of Christ. Jesus repeatedly tells us this. He says it plainly in the quote above. No one goes to the Father unless they know Christ. And you can’t know Christ if you haven’t accepted the Truth of who He is. And that terrifies me.

It terrifies me because if you do not spend eternity in Heaven that leaves only one other place. Hell. If you are not with God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Ghost you are really only with one other person. And that is the Truth. Jesus came down to this world to spread the Truth to save us for the next life, not this earthly life. He came to give us the Truth of eternity, to save us from ourselves so when everything comes to an end we will have a home in Heaven.

And that is the Truth because that is what Jesus has taught us. Anyone and everyone can argue, rail, and curse at the Truth all the want. It doesn’t change the fact it is Truth. Nothing I can do or say changes the Truth. Nothing anyone can do or say can change the Truth. And if for your multitude of reasons you turn your back on the Truth, choose not to believe the Truth; that doesn’t make the Truth any less real nor does it excuse you from being held accountable for the Truth. It is True whether or not you believe it.

Christ did not come to this world to allow for variations or perceptions. He did not come down and suffer all that He suffered to have a wishy washy line of what is needed to spend all eternity with Him. Christ came to this world, and suffered all the stench of sinful humanity to save us from ourselves. He said it multiple times. He has stated it clearly in so many places in the Gospel. But none more simply and succinctly than in that quote above. If you believe in Christ, and know Jesus is not a liar. We therefore have to accept His truth. No one gets into Heaven unless they pass through the blood Christ Jesus spilled for us.

We can’t make up excuses to bend that truth. I can’t make up perceptions and alternatives for what my Savior has told me is true. It shatters my heart to know I will not see many of the people I know in Heaven with me. Unless I do something about it. Unless I stop making excuses to make the Will of my Savior ‘nicer’ or ‘prettier’ or more ‘pc’. Jesus did not come down to indulge our selfish ways. He came down to show us a better way. A way that will lead to everlasting life in Heaven.

So if I just sit here, sheltered in the blood of Christ, mourning the loss of those I love …do I really hold the Truth of Christ in my heart? Will I be able to stand before God and say I did my best? If I met my Holy Father today could I honestly do anything than fall on my face in shame?

I want you to know the Truth of Christ. I want you to know I am a horrific sinner just like you. I want you to be washed clean every second of every day because Jesus bought you a ticket. He bought you a ticket with a seat right beside mine. And I want you to be on this train. I want you to know the Truth. This Truth reaches beyond this world, beyond our skin, beyond the marrow of our bones to resonate in the deepest places of ourselves. I want you to share in this feast for the soul.

I can’t care what the world says or feels. I can’t be timid or afraid of your rage and hatred of me because of this Truth. I can’t fear your offense. Too much is at stake. Jesus spoke the Truth. He is the way, the Truth, and the life. And you cannot meet the Father, or spend forever with me in Heaven, unless I tell you this Truth. Unless I bring the Truth of Christ right to you. Because I love you.

I am ready to walk in the light of Truth. I’ll probably screw it up now and again. But I know it’s okay. Because you are worth the effort. All of you are worth the effort. Christ, the living Truth and Light of this world, was not above serving you and laying down His life for you. What kind of Saint and Disciple would I be if I only wrote about His Truth, and did not live it as well? Not a very good one I assure you.

So please. I know what the world says. I know what society says. I know what my own selfish heart has said in the past. There is a Truth. There is One True God. He is the Creator of everything. He gave you a manual on how to live your life. He gave you His only Son as the perfect Teacher who lived as one of us. Don’t believe the Truth because I say it is True. Pick up a Bible. Read the Holy Words with an open heart. The Holy Spirit will do the rest. And I’ll try much harder to offer all that I can to help you reach His Truth.


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