“And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.”
Genesis 2:25

It might come as a surprise to many, but yes i am actually reading the Bible. i am by no means an expert on this subject at all. But as i was reading this line caught my attention. i read it several times, over and over again. And i honestly believe that this has little to do with being physically naked.

From what i understand God made Eve for Adam, and in return Adam was created for Eve. They were the only two humans in the world. They were meant for one another. It is how God intended things to be between husband and wife. They are supposed to be naked to each other, and not be ashamed. Physically, emotionally, mentally, and soulfully naked to one another.

And that isn’t something you see any more in relationships. There are not supposed to be walls, barriers, secrets, or shame between a husband and his wife. Your husband or your wife is the one person you are supposed to be wholly yourself with; without shame. You should never be afraid to show them any part of you because there should be that intense love. That sense of being made for one another. And i think too many people rush into getting married before reaching that point or even understanding that point.

And not only should you be naked with your husband or your wife, but you should foster, nurture, and encourage that feeling in your other half. Encourage it, seek out your husbands or wifes nakedness. Show interest in their soulful nudity as much as their physical nudity. Because the physical goes away. Inspire the want to be naked in your husband or your wife. And build a solid foundation of comfort for them to find respite in when they do lay themselves out naked before you.

Don’t take advantage of it. Don’t nit pick it apart. Don’t point out the flaws. Being naked with someone isn’t about pointing out all the way things are wrong or different. It is about celebrating all that is right, and drenching yourself in the profound, and awesome power and love that you are able to be who you are without shame. That your husband or your wife actually sees you, and you see them in return.


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